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Beauty Queens turned Entrepreneurs

September 22nd, 2009 — 3:02pm

When Cristina and I were first introduced, we already knew we had a lot in common. Not only were we both former beauty queens (who also happened to compete on Fear Factor) but we also worked in the same industry as professional models and TV presenters. I still remember the night Cristina introduced me to the famed Italian lover’s dream, Fritto Misto, in Santa Monica, CA. It was over a steaming plate of ravioli that the concept of Sashes and Crowns first developed.

Several months later, here we are doing the very thing we set out to do. There were many times along the way that I would get impatient or anxious, but it just couldn’t be rushed, not if it was going to be done right. We had both coached girls before, but there’s something to be said for strength in numbers. And although there are just the two of us, I know that together we are doubly committed to our clients, and with twice the experience and know-how to share, we offer a service that is particularly unique. These days Cristina and I have even more in common; we’re across the street neighbors, friends, entrepreneurs and now business partners… moving onward and upward!

Tara and Cristina

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Sashes and Crowns Coaching is officially launched!

September 3rd, 2009 — 4:38pm

Sashes and Crowns Pageant Coaching is officially launched to the world!

We are so excited to be sharing our knowledge with the titleholders of tomorrow.

Please use our website as a tool to connect with us.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Cristina and Tara


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