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The Bargain Beauty Approach

May 11th, 2011 — 9:58am

Bargain Beauties love a sale!!! But just because something is on clearance doesn’t mean we need to buy it. Before filling our shopping cart, we make sure each item meets our criteria. It’s an easy approach that you can try too: Fit, Function & Fashion!

FIT: How many times have we bought those jeans that were just a bit snug, telling ourselves we’d lose a couple pounds to make it work? The only thing we lost…our hard earned money! If it fits, it sticks. If not, throw it out.

FUNCTION: The best items to purchase are those that can be worn many different ways, on mutiple occasions and through several seasons. Be honest with yourself when considering how much use you’ll get from a garment.

FASHION: Splurge on the classic items that will take you far, and throw in a few key trendy items each new season. And remember that fashion is supposed to be fun! So feel free to experiment with looks and find your unique personal style.

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Love this lipgloss!!

May 8th, 2011 — 11:16am

As bargain beauties, we obviously love all things that deal in glitz & glamour.  So how appropriate is it that our new fave lipgloss comes in a popping pink hue called Glitz??!!  We got this one from our friend Marinda Speelman who sells this fab brand Artistry.  It also happens to be the official makeup line for the Miss America Pageant.  What makes it so great?  It comes complete with a built in mirror and LED light, allowing you to perfectly paint your pout.  And all three shades have a minty fresh flavor…an added bonus!

Contact Marinda to order yours today:

artistry lip gloss

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