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Traveling on the Cheap!

July 26th, 2012 — 1:00pm

As models & image consultants, our job keeps us on the move!  So we’ve mastered the skill of traveling on the cheap. Here are a few easy tips to use on your next adventure.

1. Pack Snacks!

Airport food is crazy pricey (and pretty yucky to be honest).  So we always stock up on nuts, dried fruit & protein bars that we keep close by in our carry-ons.  For longer journeys we even bring our insulated lunch bags packed with raw veggies, turkey & swiss roll-ups and fresh fruit.  This will help you cut down on cost & calories!

2. Keep track of those air miles!

Most flight reward programs are simple to sign up for, but it just takes a little discipline to keep up with.  Since our clients are often booking our travel arrangements for us, we have signed up for flight reward programs on practically every airline known to man.  Then when we check into a flight, we always make sure that those miles are accounted for.  And so the account numbers are easily accessible, we keep them in the note section of our iPhones.  It may take a while to build up to a free flight, but boy is it worth it!

3. Be flexible!

These days it seems that airlines are over-booking more & more flights.  When this happens they will make an announcement requesting a passenger to take a later flight for a flight credit.  If you can be flexible, why not?!?  The Bargain Beauties LOVE free, and a free flight is worth a lot to us.

Thanks, Tara & Cristina

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Junk Sales

July 9th, 2012 — 3:51pm

Naturally The Bargain Beauties love a good yard sale.  So on Saturday as we were window shopping up & down lovely Montana Avenue in Santa Monica (gorgeous shops, but wildly over-priced) we were over-joyed to spot a sign boasting “really great stuff” at a yard sale nearby.  We eagerly looked up the addy & rushed to the location…early birds get the worm, right?! There were tons of cars parked on the street outside the home we were looking for.  This is generally a good indication of what’s in store.  However, we made a rookie move!  Rather than doing a slow drive-by, we parked our car & gingerly made our way up to the lawn.  But to our dismay, they had fooled us with their sign!  No great stuff to speak of.  Just junk & more junk.  And there was that awkward moment of making small talk with the junk-owners as they tried to pawn off their stinky sweaters and tattered sheets for pennies on the dollar.  No thanks!  Next time we’ll remember that when it comes to yard sales, a little “car window shopping” beforehand can help us save time & money.

The Bargain Beauties,

Tara & Cristina


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