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BEAUTY UNVEILED- by Brittany McGowan Miss NV USA

December 22nd, 2014 — 10:56am


Miss NV USA 2015

Miss NV USA 2015

When people think about pageantry one of the first words that comes up is, ‘Beauty.’ Beauty pageants, Beauty queens; the word beauty has been inserted into the foundation of pageantry and is almost synonymous with the industry.


This undeniable truth has always raised an important question in me. How can a whole industry be defined by something that everyone has a different definition of?


The idea of what it means to be beautiful has always intrigued me. I had a hard time understanding ‘beauty’ because my entire life I have always been drawn to images that did not reflect what others around me perceived as alluring. Graffiti art, urban street photography, even tragic love stories like Casablanca and Roman Holiday; when the couple didn’t end up together at the end of the film, I saw beauty in the heartbreak. My definition of beauty lies between John Keats’ “truth beauty” ideology, and the Japanese characteristics of “Wabi-Sabi;” a beauty that is defined by imperfection, acceptance, and impermanence.


As you can imagine, entering into the world of pageantry with this set of beauty ‘values’ definitely made me an outsider looking into the industry. When I first began competing in pageants five years ago, I thought the industry reflected a very narrow-minded definition of beauty. It wasn’t until I competed, and lost several times, that I realized I was trying to fit into the stereotypical mold of what the world defined as “pageant beauty.” I was becoming a reflection of someone else’s opinion of what was beautiful, and not my own.


It wasn’t until this year, when I competed in the Miss Nevada USA pageant, that I realized I had it wrong. Pageantry is just as introspective as beauty. Every woman who competes brings her own symmetry and charm. As contestants we have the power to define the industry the way we want to define it; we don’t have to see it the way the world does.

I finally understood that if I was going to win, I was going to win by being myself. Though physical beauty can be influential, shining the light of your own individuality and connecting to another person emotionally always trumps physical beauty.


Now, it would be short-sighted not to acknowledge that physical beauty does play a large part in crowning the winner in a pageant. However, how many times have you and your friends disagreed on who you thought was the most beautiful girl on the stage? Beauty is biased. Beauty is personal.


To all the girls who enjoy competing in pageants, I urge you to spend more time developing WHO you are rather than just what you look like. If you can walk out on that stage and give people a sense of who you are, you will radiate a charisma that transcends the stereotype of what it means to be a beauty queen. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post. STAY YOU and STAY BEAUTIFUL.



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Bullies to Broadway- Jacob’s Journey

December 15th, 2014 — 12:41pm
Alabama Based Actor

Alabama Based Actor

My name is Jacob Powell, I’m 19 years old and I live in Tuscaloosa, AL (let the church say “Roll Tide”). Since I was in elementary school, I have LOVED to make people laugh. I loved (and still love) to have all the attention on me! When other kids were saying “I want to be doctors and teachers”, I was saying “I want to be a comedian.”! Yes, since I was seven that was my job of choice! Making others laugh was my passion. Then I got into middle school and decided to do choir. I was entirely too scared to try out for any show or sing a solo for THREE years…..that was until I got into High School.

First, let me say that school was rough, I was bullied constantly, received threats, and ended up in the counselor’s office many afternoons. When I became a freshman, I decided to do show-choir. I did my first show on stage in 2009 and it was “White Christmas”. My voice cracked and my knees buckled during the audition, but by the grace of God, I landed the part!. And that was it. The acting bug bit me. Though I was still getting bullied, acting and drama became my outlet. I was able to escape reality and pretend to be someone else while I was on stage. I did seven shows during my High School career and those I’m most proud of are “Hairspray” when I played Edna Turnblad and “The Wizard of Oz” when I played the Wizard. After graduation in 2013, most of my friends were going to school to be engineers and teachers. I was focused on HOW I was going to make a living acting the rest of my life. So I did some community theatre in the mean time to keep me busy, but knew that I wanted to turn my passion into my paycheck! My mom is an educator, so not going to college right after graduation was frowned upon. She wanted me to go to school and get a…a…a degree. I can’t even say the word. The thought of school makes me want to have a panic attack. But, I did get a part time job and researched not only Broadway auditions, but film and commercials. I then heard from a friend about Tara and Cristina and their business, Sashes and Crowns. I was confused to why I being referred to modeling and pageant coaches but I emailed them anyway telling them about what I wanted to do. I was reluctant to reach out to them because I didn’t know how they could help me, but I waited for a response. They responded immediately and told me they could help me, and how they would do it. These were two pageant queens with a purpose. I was thrilled! So, I started the Skype sessions with them and they helped me tremendously. They helped me build a resume, make headshots and business cards, get an agent, and make a game plan! AHHHHH! I was on my way to having a career in entertainment and I could not believe it. Being in Alabama, the film market is very small, so I signed with an agent in Nashville, TN. I have been to some auditions and booked a few things and I would not have gotten this far without their help! I am so thankful for them and their expertise. I don’t have full support from family and friends and financially, it is tough on me, but that fuels me even more. I live to show the world what I CAN do!

My 2015 resolution is to stick in the swing of things and focus more on how I can do this full time. I might even be planning a trip to the West Coast to further my dreams. Honestly though, I’m still scared out of my mind but I am standing on the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 and focusing on my future! Stay tuned!

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