A Father’s Perspective on TRUE Beauty


With Four Daughters & His Gorgeous Wife, Joe Is Outnumbered in The Gumm Household

With Four Daughters & His Gorgeous Wife, Joe Is Outnumbered in The Gumm Household


Every morning we play a fun game in our house called, Who Will Cry First? It begins around 6:45 when my four daughters get out of bed. The winner is usually upset because she has to get out of bed, but the crying intensifies when she canʼt find a bow that matches her favorite pair of tights, leggings or skinny jeans. Itʼs the exact same routine at night. When I want to hear high-pitched squealing, I either turn on a Mariah Carey song or tell my girls to go to bed. Itʼs Planet Estrogen and me and our neutered dog (Gus) are the minority. Weʼre overrun by five females (and our female dog Glamour) with bright colored bows, sweet-smelling lotions, fake rhinestone jewelry from Claireʼs, and lots of spontaneous crying.

Itʼs fun being a father of four daughters! Itʼs a huge responsibility God has given me as their protector and provider. Their mom and I love them with all of our hearts, but with that love, thereʼs also discipline and correction. Some days, that might mean Iʼm not their best friend…and Iʼm okay with that. When the ages range from 13 to 5, the scenario of issues vary with topics like how high the skirt can be, to not being able to find Barbieʼs left heel. In every situation, we do our best to teach some sort of lesson (taking care of what we have and not allowing the dog to chew it up was the lesson of Barbieʼs left shoe).

Now, when Iʼm not at home, I work in media. Iʼve been a news anchor on TV, an actor, a sports anchor on radio and TV, a model, a director and even a published author. My daughters have seen (firsthand) the good, the bad and the ugly of what it means to be in the spotlight. In fact, there are plenty of lessons Iʼve learned and have passed on to them regarding real life tragedy and triumph, both on the air and off. One of the greatest examples they witness is when they watch beauty pageants with their grandmother. My daughters havenʼt been involved in pageants, but they certainly pretend enough and know what it takes to become Miss_____________(fill in the blank). To some people, beauty pageants might be just that…a competition to decide whoʼs more beautiful than the rest. However, my wife and I know better-we have several friends who have competed. The life lesson here is that there is also preparation, perseverance, hard work, dealing with losing and winning, talent, personality, financial cost and most important, an intelligence factor (answering questions from the judges can be tough).

My daughters might not ever compete in beauty pageants, but they will most definitely understand that true beauty is not just about applying makeup and donning a crown. True beauty can be found in volunteering to help others who are less fortunate. Itʼs also found in using their God-given talents and not burying them. Itʼs earning a degree, respecting and loving others, accomplishing goals in life, starting a business and eventually one day, getting married and becoming a mother.

~Joe Gumm

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