Meditation: The age-old beauty serum that will change your life!

May 19th, 2014 — 10:39am

Emily stays grounded with meditation.

Emily stays grounded with meditation.

What if we could stop searching for the next best beauty product to make us pretty or diet pill to make us thin and turn our search from the outside, in? Being an actress in LA has definitely proved its difficulties. There is an undeniable “industry standard” and sometimes there is just no way around it. It can get exhausting trying to keep up with the latest fad diet, expensive exercise class or outlandish beauty product but what if I told you that while all of those things are an added bonus the real work is done from the inside out. We often hear talk of “inner beauty” but what is that exactly and how do we access it?
To me, “inner beauty” is an awareness and grounded sense of self that releases us from needing other people’s re-assurance or acceptance. As an actress in this town my career revolves around other peoples opinions of me and whether or not I am what they are looking for. This would be a hard pill to swallow if I relied on them for my own self-assurance. But in-fact what I’ve found is by knowing my own self-worth and harnessing that “inner beauty”, I’ve never been busier. But how did I harness this “inner beauty?” My daily serum is meditation. A wonderful practice applied day and night that keeps me grounded, self-assured and beaming with confidence.
Before meditation, my life was a roller coaster of highs and lows. I was short with everyone, my boyfriend could barely stand to be around me when my mood swings were so abundant, my acting career was driven by fear, sleep was often hard to come by and I probably cried at the drop of a hat! I thought, “I’m in my early 20s, life shouldn’t be so hard” but for whatever reason I felt like the weight of the world was resting on my shoulders and I was burning out from trying to carry it all.  I had briefly heard about this “meditation” and that it was amazing and would change my life. But like any good skeptic decided it was too good to be true. Until one day, after a low few weeks I decided there had to be a better way to live. I found myself at an intro talk for mediation. The woman was speaking of her woes prior to the practice and everything she said was a direct mirror back to me of my own experiences. I was sold enough to enroll in the 4-day class! After my very first meditation I slept through the entire night, which was fairly uncommon for me. It’s hard to explain but the next morning after my 2nd meditation I felt as if someone had just woken me up from a decade long sleep. I saw life for the first time not as something to fear but something to enjoy! I was hooked from then on out! And have been practicing meditation for seven months since. Let me tell you, they have been the best seven months of my life!
For those that don’t know meditation dates back for thousands of years. Has scientifically proven to decrease aging signs, aid in health benefits for your body and enliven your “inner beauty”. Don’t let it scare you! Meditation is easy, and a practice that can be done anywhere anytime for any amount of time. Try it out for a week, if you can commit to 5 minutes a day, great! Even starting with 1 minute a day will begin to change your life.
Sit in a chair with your back supported and your neck free, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths allowing yourself to relax. For one minute repeat the word “one” (silently in your head) allowing thought’s to move freely through your mind. The major misconception about mediation is that having thoughts are “bad” but in-fact that thought is just a form of stress leaving the body.
When you remember, allow yourself to return to the word “one” keeping it soft and easy! The good news is that you can check your watch however many times you want too during your meditation. I promise it won’t affect your practice! When the one-minute is up (or 5 depending on how adventurous you feel) quietly re-lease the repetition of the word and allow your mind and body to relax for 2 minutes. The 2-minute “safety stop” is REALLY IMPORTANT! Don’t skip this step! I usually take this time to silently make a “gratitude list” in my mind of all the things I am thankful for. Afterward you are free to continue your day and live an amazingly blissful life. For more info on my style of meditation please visit:
I hope you will challenge yourself to seek what is most important in achieving your desires for the best roles, top titles and biggest crowns! An understanding that we are all beautiful, talented and deserving of happiness! Share your light and inner beauty with others as you deepen your awareness and spirit through an age-old practice that’s only been around thousand’s of years because it works! It works if you work it, so work it!


Emily Fitz
Actress, dreamer, go-getter, meditator!

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If It’s Worth It, It Won’t Be Easy

May 9th, 2014 — 7:13am

Lauren proves that hard work pays off.

Lauren proves that hard work pays off.

by Lauren York

I was 16 and new to the pageant world when I first met Tara and Cristina. I went into that first appointment ambitious but scared. I left the meeting confident and with a fantastic plan to approach my pageant career. Four years later I look back and the losses, wins, and the growth in me and I give a huge amount of credit to Sashes and Crowns. They have made me a better beauty queen but more importantly they’ve made me a better person. These two amazing women give me the confidence, skills, and motivation to follow my dreams both in and out of the pageant world. As a young girl looking to find my voice and my way I made a great decision
going with Tara and Cristina.


So my fairy godmothers, I often call them, entered me into the Miss Greater San Diego Teen USA 2011 pageant. They taught me the basics of how to win the title, helped me discover my inner beauty, and gave me the skills I needed to show it off to the world. When I won the title I was ecstatic. I then had the opportunity to spend the next few months working with an amazing director who would prepare me for the upcoming Miss California Teen USA competition where I placed top 10. Once again Sashes and Crowns were there to help prepare me for what is considered a very competitive pageant. After competing on the Miss California stage for the first time, my heart had only grown more thankful to the women who helped get me there, the women who helped me find a dream and get that much closer to achieving it. I was hooked! There was no way that was going to be my last time on the stage. I had found the opportunity to do something I loved, something I was good at, and something that encouraged women to be smart, successful, hardworking, beautiful women. That seemed like a pretty great thing to work towards. The more I became involved in the pageant world the more I realized how many beautiful, inspiring women there were to look up to. And as a young 16 year old I had so many amazing role models right in front of me. I promised myself I would put in the work that it took to take the title of Miss California USA one day because that meant putting in work to be the best person I could be. If I am ever going to be deserving of the title then I need to put in the work it takes to be a strong, successful, hardworking, kind, and beautiful woman. I dreamt that I could one day inspire other women the way I had been inspired by the women
I looked up to in the pageant world.

So fast forward a few years, my sights are set on Miss California USA 2014! I spent months preparing my body for the bikini competition. I spent hours every single week working with my favorite runway coach. I balanced school, and modeling, and I put as much dedication into being the best me I could possibly be every single day as I prepared for the upcoming pageant. During my preparation Tara and Cristina helped me with my interviewing skills. They also helped me realize I had a story to tell and if I had the chance to hold the title then I could use that title as a stronger voice to share my story. I spent a lot of my time working closely with an organization called M.A.D.D. I was able to speak monthly at meetings held for convicted D.U.I offenders to share the story of when I had been in a collision with a drunk driver and how it had impacted my life. I chose to take this negative experience and make it into a positive one. Pageants helped me find a voice. This gave me an opportunity to change the hearts of some of the people who drink and drive. My story might be enough to save one life. Maybe one day I will have a title that will give me the opportunity to share my story on a much larger scale.
I took all of this preparation with me as I competed at Miss California USA 2014 this past January and I am proud and thankful to say I placed 4th runner up. I left the pageant feeling very proud of how hard I had worked and how far I had come. I was thankful for the opportunity to do something I truly loved. I felt unstoppable on that stage and I wouldn’t have been able to get up there if it wasn’t for the guidance and support Tara and Cristina gave me. They gave me the skills needed to access the true me, so that I could show the judges who I was. Tara and Cristina gave me confidence to walk the runway, and to speak to an audience. They helped me find my inner beauty and worth and I think that’s a pretty incredible thing.
As I prepare for the upcoming Miss California USA 2015 pageant, I am thankful to know that I have grown into a stronger, more hardworking, dedicated woman because of the women who have pushed me to be just that. I will continue to put in the dedication, handwork, and passion it takes to hold the title of Miss California USA. I will always do what I can to make sure that my inner beauty can run circles around my outer beauty. And I won’t stop until I can accomplish my dreams. I know Tara and Cristina will both be a huge help in getting me ready once again to chase the crown, as they say. I learned an important lesson a long time ago, it’s important to follow your dreams. I wouldn’t even be close if it wasn’t for these incredible women and for that I feel very lucky! So to all the girls reading, don’t ever give up on a dream. If it’s worth it, it won’t be easy.

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Top Beauty Picks & Tricks

May 6th, 2014 — 5:59am

Melissa Moore Bogardus is an accomplished & seasoned makeup artist who knows her stuff!  With all the products out there, we were curious as to what can always be found in her purse & makeup kit.  So we asked her to impart some of her beauty wisdom with us and she shared some of her top beauty picks & tricks.

Melissa has worked with models, beauty queens & brides for years

Melissa has worked with models, beauty queens & brides for years

“Today’s teens growing up have so much access to tutorials to learn how to do the perfect day and night makeup looks, curls, waves, braids and the famous sock bun (which are all favs myself). I wish I had that growing up! Even though I went to Cosmotology School I’m actually self taught! Here are some of the must-haves for myself and my clients, but remember that it all starts with amazing skin care!”

Obagi eye cream- girls must start early
Makeup Forever HD Primer- always prep & prime the face
Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm- for that just bitten lip look
Mally Mascara- this is my favorite mascara
Stila Eye Shadows- a great eye pallet is ombré
Maybelline Unstoppable Eye Liner – I can’t live without it!
Nars Orgasm Blush- it’s gorgeous
Ben Nye Banana Powder- it’s amazing
Skindinavia Setting Spray- holds up to 16 hours 
Sunblock Powder by Science Pro- this is always found in my kit & purse
A beauty blender sponge should be in everyones makeup bag- wether you’re 15 or 50 it’s the best tool ever 
Clean Brush Shampoo in Rose Scent- washing your makeup brushes regularly is so important to your skin
Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover- it’s the best 
Wet Dry Brush- this is amazing on the locks
Drinking 8 to 10 glasses or water daily- I preach this to my girls, you can never drink too much water 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Filler- brows frame the face.
Elf products start at just $1- great for girls on a budget 

Melissa Moore Bogardus

Mary Margaret McCord & Lorin Holcombe

Mary Margaret McCord & Lorin Holcombe



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This Big Winner is a Big Loser- 75 lbs!

April 30th, 2014 — 10:29am

I lost over 75 lbs as I prepared to compete for Miss Massachusetts USA. Competing in the pageant served as a motivational tool for me to kick things into gear. I tried everything from various programs, diet fads and quick fix schemes. Nothing worked until I buckled down and simply began eating a lean and green diet. I decided to change my lifestyle and no longer be a slave to diets and food. I realized that food is fuel for my body. I would also strength train and began running 5k’s as motivation to stay fit. I never intended to lose over 75 lbs, however when I stopped focusing on the number and began learning about what to eat it all happened naturally. The best part of my journey was pageant weekend when I was able to see all of my hard work pay off as I was recently crowned Miss JR Orange Bowl USA. I continue to learn new receipts and workouts everyday, my journey has not ended but I have certainly come a long way.

Miss Florida USA here I come!

– Luisa Alvarez

Her sight is set on the Miss FL USA crown!

Her sight is set on the Miss FL USA crown!

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Taking a Risk Is a Beautiful Thing

April 29th, 2014 — 7:10am

Carolyn Never Accepts Defeat

Carolyn Never Accepts Defeat

Hello everyone! My name is Carolyn Aikman. I became acquainted with Sashes & Crowns last year when I started my journey of preparing for my first pageant, Miss California USA. I didn’t grow up doing pageants and had absolutely no idea what prepping for one would entail. I was a girl without a goal but no plan. Insert Tara and Cristina! They took my uncoordinated, no pageant experience self and made me believe that I had all the tools necessary to be the next Miss CA USA. From the moment I stepped into orientation to the minute I took my sash off when I was through competing, I felt prepared. No, I didn’t win, but the experience and who I became in the process was a greater accomplishment than receiving a crown.  Through several months of mock interviews, wardrobe selection and walking lessons; I became more and more confident in who am I and what I stand for. I give them both so much credit for not only having patience with me, but in making me the best version of myself.  Upon returning home from Miss CA, I chose not to feel defeated. I know I have the tools and knowledge to be a great title holder, my time will come. I competed in my second pageant this past weekend and felt just as calm and prepared, if not more so. The crowd also had a few less thousand people, which may have played a small part!
I know I can take the tools I have learned in my pageant prep and apply them to other areas of life as well.  I now have the ability to quickly and confidently answer a question about any topic – I am one hundred percent certain I will ace any job interview in the future!! Throughout this process I also learned what an amazing support system your fellow pageants sister and girlfriends can be.  Making new friends who share my same interests and have common goals is the greatest things any girl can take away from competing.  Overall, pageants have left me feeling confident, driven and inspired. Sashes & Crowns was such a great spring board into competing and I know they will be a great source of continued guidance.
Most recently, I took a page out of their book and started my own business as well! My great friend Jordyn and I recently launched Innovation Media Partners. Our company specializes in small business social media management.  Small business owners are busy with day to day operations and their social media presence often becomes neglected . We understand that you are busy, so we have created a company that will take care of your social media needs for you!
Get more info and check out our packages here –

Follow Her New Business on Twitter

Follow Carolyn on twitter! @innovationmp


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Ambition & Confidence = True Beauty

April 22nd, 2014 — 10:27am

For Zoey, its about more than just pretty dresses.

For Zoey, its about more than just pretty dresses.

My name is Zoey and I just wanted to take a moment to share why I partake in pageantry. You see, it’s not just about the perfect dress, the perfect hair, or the perfect makeup. To me, it’s about the perfect personality. When you walk into a pageant, you want to walk in like you’ve already won it all. Because, really, you have. With pageantry, you’re walking into something that can unknowingly change your life! Now I’m not saying you should be arrogant and greedy throughout the competition, the girl that trips over fellow contestants when nobody’s watching-absolutely not; but you also don’t want to be the shy little girl hiding in the corner. You want to be the overachiever-the girl who’s there to have fun, and the girl who’s there to compete with fairness and loyalty. You want to stand out in your own unique way-make a lasting impression! Even if you don’t wind up with the sparkly crown or the title, you can still walk away with a multitude of friends and connections-you can meet your best friend, an agent, a coach! You can create lifelong relationships that can lead to remarkable things! You could be a world-renowned entertainer for all you know! It all depends on how you present yourself throughout the pageant. I am so proud to say that ever since I’ve met the fabulous Cristina and Tara at Sashes and Crowns, I’ve walked out of every event all smiles-with pride and dignity. And I think once you’ve achieved that, once you get past the self-doubt and all of the things holding you back, you can’t even begin to imagine the abiding possibilities. And that, the girl of ambitions and confidence, is my meaning of true beauty and why I love pageants!

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April 17th, 2014 — 10:43am

One Hit Wonder, Emmy Places Top 10 in Her First Pageant!

One Hit Wonder, Emmy Places Top 10 in Her First Pageant!

It’s Never too Late to become a Beauty Queen

by Emmy Adams

Late last summer I decided I wanted to compete in the Miss NV USA 2014 competition. It was always a dream of mine to be in a beauty pageant.  I worked very hard in school and I was often busy with extra-curricular activities growing up, so I never thought I could find the time to actually go through the whole process. Having never competed before, I did not think I would have a good chance in the competition. I was so lucky to have Cristina and Tara as my coaches along the way. Last semester I was studying abroad in Italy, which made things a little more overwhelming for me because I was so motivated to do well in the upcoming pageant as well as adventuring off to new cities every weekend. While traveling through 9 different countries I managed to do most of all my training over Skype with Tara and Crisitna. They taught me so many great things from beauty tips to interview questions that I know I can use in almost my everyday life. Once I returned from Italy back to Las Vegas, there were only two weeks left up until the pageant!
I have never devoted so much time and effort into something that I truly loved doing.  During the whole weekend I felt that Cristina and Tara prepared me so well for this pageant that I wasn’t even nervous at all.  Every time I was on that stage and I kept hearing my title being called my heart would just drop I was so excited. I ended up making Top 10 overall and I couldn’t have been more thrilled for competing in my first beauty pageant at 21 years old.  I learned so much and now I feel that competing has made me a better person on the inside and out. There are so many wonderful things you can take away from competing. I encourage all women to compete even if they never have before because you never know what will happen and even if you do not win it is still an amazing experience!

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What pageants really taught me…other than how to do my hair and makeup

April 8th, 2014 — 2:58pm

Mary Margaret placed 1st runner up at Miss USA

Mary Margaret placed 1st runner up at Miss USA

I can honestly say that once you experience winning a state title and competing at Miss USA, your whole view of pageantry changes. As pageant girls, we talk about how we “want to change the stereotype about pageants and pageant girls.” Little do we realize that we also give pageants our own stereotype and put our own expectations on what it would feel like to win the crown. I will admit I have been a culprit of this.
I remember hearing about Miss Alabama USA and saying “I want to do that” and signing up the next day. I thought that winning a state title was going to give me the opportunity to experience life differently – to have a more glamorous life, to be a role model to others , to get to travel all over the country, etc. These are the stereotypes that most pageant girls naturally have about winning the title. While all of these expectations can happen, what I didn’t expect were the “real” things that I would get out of winning Miss Alabama USA and competing in Miss USA. To me, these “real” things are the most important and crucial part of my experience.
The first thing I realized as Miss Alabama USA, was how important “networking” really is. Within the first few weeks of winning the title, I wanted to call my Business 101 Professor and tell him that he was right – networking is HUGE and it is something that everyone needs to take advantage of. You always hear people saying, “It’s not what you do, it’s who you know.” Well yes, you need to work hard and do everything possible, but most of the time, knowing someone can be the key. Throughout my reign, I built relationships with my directors, leaders around the state, my judges, the media, designers, make-up /hair artists, and anyone I came into contact with. Well guess what? When it came time for me to interview for my dream job, these were the people that willingly took time out of their day to write my recommendation letters. Not once during those three years that I painstakingly went to the gym and worked to perfect my stage walk did I think that I would be winning relationships. I was preoccupied thinking about how it would feel to be able to say “I am Miss Alabama USA.” And yes, I will admit it was cool to be able to say that, but I could only say it for a year – I will have these relationships the rest of my life.
While this next thing may sound boring and stupid, it might be the most imperative thing I learned. Pageantry truly taught me invaluable professional skills (maybe with a little help from Will the Pageant Guy). After Miss USA, I went home to finish my Master’s degree and two months later I was looking for my first “big girl” job. I enjoyed doing pageants, but the entertainment and modeling world wasn’t something I wanted to do in the long run. I wanted to build a career in business and sales.  Going through interviews was a breeze thanks to the many interviews and public speaking events I had to go to as Miss Alabama USA. I was able to hone those skills and put them to good use to get my current job as a surgical device sales rep. During the interview process for my job, the recruiter I worked with told me that she wished some of her candidates with 5 years of experience were as advanced and had the maturity that I did. Well I can chalk all of that “maturity” up to the fact that I had to keep my cool as I talked to Donald Trump on stage at Miss USA. All joking aside, I used my experience as Miss Alabama USA to land me a career of a lifetime by showing the interviewer the “real” skills that I learned throughout my reign. I mean, who knew that knowing how to walk across the stage in a swimsuit and tease my hair wouldn’t be enough to land me an awesome job?
The final and most vital thing I learned throughout my journey as Miss Alabama USA was what I wanted out of life. I think a lot of girls going through this experience get distracted by the endless possibilities that a title can bring you. After Miss USA, I was at a point in my life where I had to make a decision about what I wanted to do next. Should I start a modeling career? Should I go into entertainment instead of going into business/sales? There were so many questions in my mind that I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. The problem was that I was thinking about what I was “supposed” to do, not what I actually wanted to do. This is where our expectations of pageants get out of hand. Once we do something as big as competing on a national stage, it’s hard to go back to life before the crown. We get lost thinking about “what ifs” instead of truly thinking what will make us happy in the long run. I realized that if I wasn’t around the people that loved me then I wouldn’t be happy. As simple as it sounds, it was by far the hardest thing I had to learn because it is so easy to be side-tracked by the glamour of a title. The one quote that helped me understand this came from one of my favorite childhood movies, Cool Runnings: “A gold medal is a great thing, but if you’re never enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.” The same thing applies to a crown. I had to take my crown off to truly understand what was important to me in life; that thing can be so darn shiny it blinds you. Being on both sides of the crown ultimately taught me what I valued most and that was the best gift I could ever get from being Miss Alabama USA.
So to all the pageant girls out there, whether you’ve won a title or not, take advantage of all the skills, opportunities, and life lessons that pageantry can teach you. Try not to get caught up in the stereotype that we put on winning a title and instead, find the “real” things out of the experience; the things that will last a lifetime instead of a year.
“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” – Henry David Thoreau
I couldn’t make you read this entire blog and not give you some of the handy beauty tricks I did learn, so here are my top 5:

  1. Use a spoon behind your eyelashes when you are applying mascara. It will help you from getting mascara on your eyelid but will also help blend your false eyelashes and real ones together.
  1. Fill in your eyebrows every day. You will thank me later.
  1. Band Aid makes this thing called Friction Block – buy it asap. Rub it on your feet where you normally get blisters from wearing heels. This stuff will change your life.
  1. Never sleep in a ponytail. I just found out that it can make you bald and it is currently haunting me.
  1. Instead of buying expensive whitening strips, put peroxide on a Q-tip, rub it on your teeth and leave it while you do your makeup. Your teeth will be whiter in no time. This might sound weird but all whitening treatments are made of peroxide anyway!

-Mary Margaret McCord, Miss Alabama USA 2013

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March 26th, 2014 — 11:06am


professional model & reality star

Kelsey Smith- Model & Reality Star

My name is Kelsey Smith, I am a 20 year old originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I’m writing to explain my year as a 19 year old living and working in Los Angeles as a full time fashion model.

With the help of Tara and Cristina I literally lived my dream. The theme of my year is most definitely “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.” Upon my arrival to Los Angeles, I was in cosmetology school living at home and working as a hair and makeup artist. I always knew I was destined to do something greater than living in Tuscaloosa and being a college student, as did my peers who voted me “most likely to be famous” my senior year of high school. But don’t get me wrong, that life is also great…roll tide!

My mom and I packed up my car and drove cross-country to LA, approximately 2,030 miles away from my hometown. I moved into my very first apartment just 3 days after turning 19. I got settled in, learned to wash my clothes (yes my mom washed my clothes for me until I was 19… its a southern thing), and started learning this whole new world I now called home. If you’re wondering what its like to go from AL->LA you should know EVERYTHING is different right down to the gas pumps. With lots of help from Sashes and Crowns, I signed with three agents within two weeks of living there. I started working and on my very first job I met Shannon. Shannon is a God-send and she was exactly what I needed because I knew no one my age! She has now become one of my best friends and has definitely secured a bridesmaid spot in my wedding (contrary to the cliche that southern women marry young, I am not engaged haha). Anyways, I worked really hard and often for a good 6 months when a job opportunity came up that would change my life forever.

I got a phone call from the producers of the reality dating show CMT’s “Sweet Home Alabama” asking me to come in for an interview. Before I knew it, I was in Fairhope, AL shooting the show. If you’ve never seen the show, I had 11 city boys, and 11 country boys to choose from.. the guys had no idea I lived in LA so I felt like I had the upper hand when it comes to knowing city and country guys! I ended up picking Collin, a country boy from Birmingham, AL (just 45 minutes from my hometown of Tuscaloosa). We wrapped the show in October and for November and December I lived at home in Bama for the holiday season. In those two months, I spent time with Collin even though we had to remain a secret until mid-January when the show’s finale aired. I never imagined it was possible to become so close to someone in so little time and without doing “normal” dating activities such as go out to dinner or catching a movie we wanted to see… it was tough dating in an apartment- redbox was our best friend!

After a short two months, it was time for me to go back to LA and after a terrible goodbye I was on a plane headed back to reality. When I got back in LA, it took me two weeks to realize I was completely unhappy. I always had a part of my heart in Alabama because of my friends and family there, but now more so than ever I had a huge part of my heart in Bama. So Collin got on a one way flight, we packed up my car and I moved home to Alabama. (Now I’m going to try to convince you that I moved home to pursue my life-long dream of becoming an elementary teacher and start the second chapter of my “big girl” life)…….Collin was a huge part of me moving home–it’s true, girls: When you know, you know!

Presently, I am living in Tuscaloosa and awaiting the start of my fall semester at the University of Alabama for elementary education. Reflecting on my year has one constant reminder: if it wasn’t for Tara and Cristina I would not be where I am today and because of them, I lived my dream and for that I am forever grateful.                       xoxo Kelsey Dee Smith


they found love on CMTs hit show Sweet Home Alabama

Kelsey & Collin found love on CMT's hit show Sweet Home Alabama



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Our Clients Mabelynn & Cassidy sweep Miss CA USA & CA Teen USA 2013!!

January 14th, 2013 — 8:30am

Our goal with each and every client is to help bring out their inner beauty, both on stage and in interview. Last night our beautiful clients Cassidy Wolf, Miss California Teen USA 2013 & Mabelynn Capeluj, Miss California USA 2013 did just that. We can’t wait to cheer you both on at Miss USA 2013 & Miss Teen USA 2013! To all of our clients who competed at Miss CA USA & Miss CA Teen USA you continue to make us proud.
Here is a great snapshot of Cassidy reacting to Mabelynn winning!  Cassidy and Mabelynn were already sister queens as Greater San Diego USA titleholders.
Beaming With Joy!!
Cristina & Tara
Sashes & Crowns Owners

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