Amanda Kimmel eats vegetarian to stay strong & lean.


“I’ve always been passionate about health and animals so I have some information I want to share with you that will not only help you maintain a healthier lifestyle but also help stop farm-factory cruelty. I’m a vegetarian because of the animal cruelty that’s happening, but if you do eat meat and dairy there are ways to help too without giving it up completely.


First, It’s important to know where your meat and dairy come from. More and more companies are using farm-factories where they keep pigs, chickens and cows in tiny cages and in most cases the animal can barely move. Some are beaten daily, never see daylight or are rarely shown an ounce of mercy their entire lives (there are worse things that happen which I won’t go into.) It is so terrifying and sad but important to know so you don’t support these companies. Some companies are great, like Applegate, which actually label their products “humanely raised” which I love.

Next, make sure you buy local or organic hormone-free meats and cheeses. You just have to take the time to look at your local stores selection. Looking at labels on packaging is key. Getting “cage free” and “hormone free” eggs instead of regular eggs means the eggs are going to be better for you and better conditions for the chickens. Getting “free range” pork and beef is also going to be much better for you and the animal. We have a big Amish community where I live and I get my butter and dairy from a local grocery store that carries their products. So look locally. Farmer’s markets are a great resource as well.

I believe in love, happiness and respect with all life. Please help spread the word and support.”

~Amanda Kimmel
Miss Montana USA 2005, Survivor Finalist


She has appeared on 3 seasons of Survivor on NBC.

She has appeared on 3 seasons of Survivor on CBS.






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