Jill left her job to do something beautiful.

In this day and age, I marvel at the super young movers and shakers who set their hearts to something and do it.  No education, per say, and no formal training, they just do it.  They’re creating social networks and getting art into galleries and turning their YouTube videos into record deals and creating their own non-profits and the list goes on and on.  On one hand, it’s simply amazing.  And, on the other hand, it’s sometimes appalling when you’e an adult going through the motions of your regular work day, doing your “job,” collecting a paycheck- you know, living “responsibly.”  Seeing others launch their dreams with far less education or experience is somewhat stifling, but what we’re really appalled by is the audacity they have to put their genius out there not knowing if they’ll sink or swim.  And, when we see them swim, in our hearts, we want to dive in, too.

To that point, going after our dreams requires audacity to turn that little dream you’ve carried in your heart into all you’ve imagined it to be.  The responsible mind, tell us, “Wait just a little while longer.  Save a little more money.  Take one more class.  Learn one more technique.”  But, the audacious mind tells us, “You’ve really got something special here.  Go after it.  Make it happen.  Seize the day.”  Which voice wins, is totally up to us.

For years and years, I worked at my “big girl” job in Public Relations.  There were so many things I loved about that job from developing relationships with clients to helping them achieve their goals as a business, but I always had this little feeling in my heart that I could be doing more with the gifts God had given me.  And, when I saw others doing more, it lit a fire under those very feelings.  One summer, I was in Missoula, Montana with my beloved friend, Laura.  We went into an incredible bead store, and, of course, I wanted to buy everything.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford everything.  As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.”  I asked if they could take three pairs of beads and convert them to charms for my large hoop earrings, and they did just that.  We’d taken one staple pair of sterling silver hoop earrings and given them infinite possibility and style.  When I returned home to Dallas, Texas, I enrolled in a basic beading class, then, moved onto more advanced classes.  I mastered how to make those little bead charms and more, got them into stores, started selling them online, and the rest (and, hopefully, the best) is yet to come.

There are three things I know to be true about myself.  I love beautiful things and, even more so, I love creating beautiful things.  If there was one thing I feel confident God put me on this earth to do, it’s to find beauty in others and encourage them.  And, I’m unequivocally my very best self when I’m serving others.  My business, JL PARISH, has been the conduit through which those strengths freely flow.  We create beautiful things to enhance one’s style.  We encourage others spirits through the messaging of our brand, products, packaging and blog.  Lastly, we serve others by increasing awareness and raising money to transition women and children out of Domestic Violence.  To me, JL PARISH is my own trifecta in the business world as it allows me to follow my dream, do what I love and have been gifted by God to do and help others in the process.

I believe that we’re all designed to do something beautiful.  And, by that I mean, acknowledging our dream, giving it wings and making it fly is really where the beauty is at.  It’s the beauty of doing something that says, “I believe in myself and my life’s work is important.”  All of us, I mean, every single one of us has this in our heart.  The question is, will you be the one to quiet that dream you hold so tightly in your heart, or will you acknowledge it fully and unabashedly go after it with a whole heart?  I hope the answer is the latter and not the former.

I just cannot wait to hear your story.  See your dream realized.  And, be affected positively by what you had the audacity to do with the gifts God has given you!

Stay Divine,




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