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When Pageantry & Fashion Merge

January 15th, 2012 — 1:11pm

Miss Kensington Mabelynn

Most of us expect to find emerging fashion trends to debut on a red carpet, the big screen, or pages of a glossy magazine.  But have you ever considered that a pageant could be the perfect stage from which to launch the latest designs?  Last week at th Miss California USA 2012 Pageant in Palm Springs it seemed like deja vu of the recent Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Considering that Southern California is a major fashion mecca and that most of the contestants are professional or aspiring models, this should come at no surprise.  As we watched these talented ladies compete for the coveted crown, we couldn’t help but notice the chic styles that donned the runway. As former Miss USA state titleholders (Tara Darby– Miss AL USA ‘04  & Miss USA Top 10, Cristina Nardozzi– Miss MA USA ‘05) pageant coaches and models we are experts on all things pageant.  Here are a couple of the highlights and how you can transition the look from runway to everyday.

One major stand-out was the bling & dazzle that accompanied the swimsuit competition.  The contestants rocked their fit physiques in fully beaded skirts, jeweled bracelets, necklaces and chandelier earrings.  You can make a splash at the pool by wrapping up in a sequined sarong and pairing it with chunky lucite or plastic bangles (which can survive the heat & water). Rather than 6 inch heels (which could lead to an accidental tumbling into the pool) opt for a lower nude wedged heel that can easily be slipped on and off without complicated straps. Try this look, and you’ll definitely impress the pool boy.

Liquid sequins are apparently all the rage this season.  Our favorite gowns included Miss Kensington’s aqua blue sparkler by Mac Duggal with a daring slit and Miss Mirimar’s form-fitting Jovani bronzed goddess silhouette.  To get the look without breaking the bank, find a store near you that specializes in “rented retail”.  One of our favorites is right here in tinsel town, One Night Affair on Sepulveda Blvd. When we are back in our home States we head over to Joyce’s Formals in Birmingham, AL and The Crowning Touch in New Bedford, MA. You can also incorporate this sparkly trend into your everyday wardrobe by pairing a simple cotton top with a sequined short or mini-skirt.  But to avoid looking like you are heading to a belated holiday shindig, keep the jewelry to a minimum & pair it with flats or rugged boots.

While there can only be one winner at the pageant (Miss Hoag Hospital, Natalie Pack, was crowned the new Miss California USA 2012), we can all win with these on-point fashion trends.  But no matter how en vogue a gown may be, or how svelte a bikini clad body looks, nothing is more fashionable than a confident, intelligent woman who radiates inner beauty.That’s one trend we know will always be in style.

Stay Stylish, Tara Darby & Cristina Nardozzi


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The Bargain Beauty Approach

May 11th, 2011 — 9:58am

Bargain Beauties love a sale!!! But just because something is on clearance doesn’t mean we need to buy it. Before filling our shopping cart, we make sure each item meets our criteria. It’s an easy approach that you can try too: Fit, Function & Fashion!

FIT: How many times have we bought those jeans that were just a bit snug, telling ourselves we’d lose a couple pounds to make it work? The only thing we lost…our hard earned money! If it fits, it sticks. If not, throw it out.

FUNCTION: The best items to purchase are those that can be worn many different ways, on mutiple occasions and through several seasons. Be honest with yourself when considering how much use you’ll get from a garment.

FASHION: Splurge on the classic items that will take you far, and throw in a few key trendy items each new season. And remember that fashion is supposed to be fun! So feel free to experiment with looks and find your unique personal style.

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Sashes & Crowns on Jimmy Kimmel Live

April 2nd, 2011 — 7:07pm

There are some great perks to being a pageant coach.  First, we get to help our clients reach success.  Second, we get to play dress up for a living.  And third, we get some really cool media opportunities as pageant & beauty experts.  One such perk was working with the team at Jimmy Kimmel Live.  The writers were struggling as they created a Toddlers & Tiaras spoof with Tom Hanks for their Oscar Special.  When we got the call, we were ecstatic and of course we were up for the challenge!!  We choreographed a dance for Tom’s “daughter”, we helped cast the other characters, and we gave the writers an inside look into the wonderfully crazy world of pageantry.  The skit turned out great!!  And we were there on set go make sure everything went smoothly.  Take a look at the video and let us know what you think!!


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TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras Profiles Sashes & Crowns

October 30th, 2009 — 5:39pm

Last weekend we served as celebrity judges at the California Gold Coast Pageant in Costa Mesa.  The hit TLC reality show Toddlers and Tiaras was also there to take in all the glitz and glamour!  Watch for our episode coming up in January 2010.  Sashes and Crowns also had a booth at the event, and many contestants were eager to sign up for our upcoming workshops.  Be sure to reserve a spot now by emailing us at sashesandcrowns@gmail.com.


November 15, Santa Monica, CA- Last Minute Miss CA USA and Miss Teen CA USA 2010 Bootcamp $200

December 12, Santa Monica, CA- Little Miss & Mister Pageantry Workshop $100 (12 and under)

February 6-7, Phoenix, AZ- The Hollywood Weekend Workshop- Breaking into the Business $500 (all ages)

Tara and Cristina at the CA Gold Coast Pageant

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