Tragedy to Triumph- 8 Days in a Coma



Miss Plus Texas USA 2014

Miss Plus Texas USA 2014



My name is Treonta’ Gray I am 22 years old and I live in Dallas, TX. I moved to Dallas in 2010 after graduating from Mexia High School. I absolutely love it here. There is so much to do, and a ton of things to learn.


Early one Saturday morning I was preparing to spend the weekend with my boyfriend C.J. (now my fiancé) whom I had only known for about 6 weeks. We were going to attend a car show in Houston, TX. I was excited to be able to get away from the transitional homeless shelter where I was living at the time, at least for a day or two, or maybe a week. Why not a couple of weeks? What about forever? Forever almost didn’t come, since later that day we were involved in a terrible car accident that forever changed our lives.

It has now been 20 months since I woke from my eight day coma and I have to say God is good and heaven is real. It hasn’t been easy for me, but it has been worth it. I enjoy my life so much better than I did before.  After dying and God bringing me back to life I know that tomorrow isn’t a promise.

I have accepted the honor of representing the state of Texas in a national competition. My passion and desire is to bring awareness to the homeless. I am excited about traveling to Seattle August 10th-17th to compete for the title of Miss Plus USA. The final day of the competition will make exactly 21 months since the car accident. It will be a very touching and life changing experience for me, but I am EXCITED and working very hard!

I have just released my first book “8 Days”. It is an inspirational, motivational, life- changing novel. I am passionate about sharing my story of life after death.  You can learn more about the book on my website:


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