What Re’Chelle Gained By Becoming 48 Pounds Lighter & 6 Dress Sizes Smaller


ReChelles Before & After

Re'Chelle's Before & After



Every year my family and I would watch Miss USA; I loved seeing all of the beautiful girls compete for the title of Miss USA and Miss Universe. I always told myself I would be on that stage one day and that I would not stop until I got there. In May of 2014 I decided to compete for the title of Miss Alabama USA 2015.  Being a previous contestant the year before I knew I had a lot of work to do to improve in every phase of competition. My mother has been my backbone throughout my entire journey. I had my dream gown in mind and luckily since my mother is a seamstress, she was able to make my evening gown for me! It was everything I wanted and more. She also designed and created my opening number dress for the pageant. She is the most amazing woman I know!

I was so thankful to have Tara and Cristina along the way helping and coaching me for the pageant!  From interview, to wardrobe they helped me at every turn. Day or night, phone call, text or Skype, the Sashes & Crowns girls were always there for me. They helped me in so many ways and prepared me for the pageant and obstacles in life.

My biggest accomplishment during my journey was gaining a healthy lifestyle. Competing the year before, I wanted to become more physically fit and look more confident on-stage! I had tried every diet in the book; none of them worked. Finally, I decided to buckle down and choose healthier food options and work-out every day no matter what. It was not easy at first, but with hard work and determination, I became 48 pounds lighter, 6 dress sizes smaller and lost 8 and 1/2 inches off my waist! Standing on stage in swimsuit was the best feeling in the world because I knew I had worked hard! Although I didn’t win the pageant, I was overwhelmed by the love and support I received. Tons of people reached out to me and told me I was their motivation; that gave me a great sense of accomplishment!
Here’s the lesson I learned: No matter your size, height or weight, you can achieve anything you want!

~ Re’Chelle Turner



Her Mother Custom Made Her Gown

Her Mother Custom Made Her Gown




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